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Downtown Seattle from north on Lake Union


District 4 MLA meeting changed for May due to conflict with Memorial Day weekend. New date will be Saturday, May 19th @ 8:00am with Greenwood Lodge hosting the meeting.

The Masonic Lodges of District 4 encompass the neighborhoods of northwest Seattle, Washington, USA.  The northern portal to our "Emerald City".

If you are an electronic visitor or a Masonic sojourner, we hope you will find something here of interest on our web site, and perhaps choose to visit or join us soon.  If you are a Mason in the Grand Jurisdiction of Washington or District 4 in particular, we hope that you find these resources supplement information from the lodges in a manner that draws us closer together and helps you to keep track of events and current contacts in our area.

The intent of this web site is not to provide information about Freemasonry in general.  There are vast resources available to enlighten you on this subject, and we hope you find and learn something from them.  If you are just starting your search for Masonic information, you will find the Internet has search engines, news groups, list servers, and other tools that you may enjoy in that pursuit.   (Try the sample links at the bottom of this page if you want).

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Bookmark this page.  We attempt to keep current of activities and programs going on in our District, and update the content on a regular basis.

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Community and Service, and the

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Grand Lodge of Washington

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